With 20 years of woodworking experience, we offer a wide range of services from basic stripping of old finish and paint to complete over-haul with new veneer.


?/span> We can take an old, broken piece of furniture and turn it into a useful, beautiful work of art.


?/span> Customize the restoration to your needs using your requirements in the repair, refinish or restoration of your furniture.


?/span> Determine what would be the best approach to take in regards to the value or marketability of your piece.


?/span> Give an approximate value to your piece and explain how a restoration, repair or refinish could enhance the value or hinder it.


Some pieces are better left unfinished for it could destroy its value. Other pieces may have only intrinsic value, and you may just want the piece to look as good as it can.?If you have a piece that is questionable, give us a call and we can give you our honest, professional opinion.?



Contact us:

Phone: 910-259-7070

Fax: 910-259-7079

Email: john@burgawantiqueplace.com

Granny’s Antique Restoration Services

Specializing in the repair, refinish and restoration of furniture


John L. Westbrook, III


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